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Sincerely Inc. My new startup!


I’m extremely excited to announce my new company Sincerely today. We are focused on making it easy to send real physical photos from your mobile phone. Simple vision. Huge market.

I’m very excited to be working on this company with former YC classmate and Xobni teammate Bryan Kennedy. I’m also blessed to be working with some other really, smart guys.

We believe that a printed photo is the most ubiquitously appreciated gift in the world.

We believe that in an increasingly digital world, physical matters more than ever.

We believe the iPhone4 changed everything. It is the new and future of point and shoot cameras.

We believe it should be as easy to share a physical photo as it is to post a photo to Facebook.

We believe that as we build Sincerely Inc. we will make it easier for more people to be thoughtful.

I believe this is going to be a lot of fun

We launched our first product today. Postagram: easily send an Instagram print and a short note in the mail for 99 cents. Check it out here:

To learn about future Sincerely products, sign-up at

  • hprisock

    Congrats, Matt!
    Sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to try it.


  • Daniel Ha

    Such an awesome company name and domain. Love the idea too… let me know how many postgrams you personally receive in the next few days as people start sending their first test ones. :)

  • Ashlee Gadd

    I've had postagram for 2 minutes and I'm OBSESSED. Great work.

  • brezina

    we were thinking of putting the company's address automatically in everyone's address book so they could send us photos. I'm kinda thinking we should do that. We could cover our office walls with all the postagrams!

    One thing we are definitely doing – sending a thank you postagram to every user when they sign up. Kinda of a surprise – no one knows yet ūüėČ

  • Josh Benjamin

    Congrats! Looks like I won't need to pitch this idea to Kevin and Mike anymore :-)

  • Zachary Harmany

    Hey Matt!

    Neat idea! This is such a nice way to bridge the tech generation gap.

    Is there a way for the recipient of the Postagram to get the original photo? Maybe adding a link to the original? I'm thinking a QR code to scan on the reverse (to not ruin the aesthetics) would be a nice solution, hopefully automagically adding it to my camera roll! ūüėÄ

    Best of luck with your new and future ventures.

  • jmco

    Looks nice, would use it right now but is there a desktop version? Mac? All my photos are stored there in Aperture.

  • brezina

    we've been thinking about exactly that. QR codes are even bigger on android, so that might be the place. Great to hear from you Zach!

  • brezina

    We are highly focused on mobile. So Android is more likely before a desktop or mac app

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  • Dianabol

    clever idea especially if it could be in postcard form.
    steroids blog

  • international professors

    Yes,  Mat, concrete physicality is possibly the perfect complement to digitalia.
    Research in cyber psycholgy and cyber behavior has probably addressed it. Anthropology must have.RonInternational Professors Project

  • Stephen Jordan

    This immediately strikes me as a good idea. I hope it takes off.

  • Noemie

    That would be awesome. I discovered Postagram a few weeks ago and have been sending them to friends and family… But not to myself. I've been getting compliments and thankyous but have yet to see a sample of the finished product with my own eyes.

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  • Skengles

    I love this app and can't wait to check out Popbooth as well.   Who is your print partner?

  • Virtual Assistant Staffing

    This is  such a cool idea man. I hope this would turn out good for you guys.

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    This is such a great idea. i hope u guys the best keep us updated

  • Marcela Shine

    Hi Matt, you are going to think I'm stalking you.  I just found your app and am very excited about using it for a project I am working on.  Hope someone can contact me about this opportunity soon!

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