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April 12th, 2011:

Sincerely Inc. My new startup!


I’m extremely excited to announce my new company Sincerely today. We are focused on making it easy to send real physical photos from your mobile phone. Simple vision. Huge market.

I’m very excited to be working on this company with former YC classmate and Xobni teammate Bryan Kennedy. I’m also blessed to be working with some other really, smart guys.

We believe that a printed photo is the most ubiquitously appreciated gift in the world.

We believe that in an increasingly digital world, physical matters more than ever.

We believe the iPhone4 changed everything. It is the new and future of point and shoot cameras.

We believe it should be as easy to share a physical photo as it is to post a photo to Facebook.

We believe that as we build Sincerely Inc. we will make it easier for more people to be thoughtful.

I believe this is going to be a lot of fun

We launched our first product today. Postagram: easily send an Instagram print and a short note in the mail for 99 cents. Check it out here:

To learn about future Sincerely products, sign-up at