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Xobni’s 5 stages of growth & 5 pivots (preso from web 2.0 expo)

I recently had the pleasure of presenting twice with the leaders of the lean startup movement Steve Blank and Eric Ries. They’ve started a startup movement I’m a very big fan of. If you aren’t familiar with their work, I’d recommend reading their blogs. To concisely describe this movement we’re calling “lean startup” I’d liken it to a method of company building we’ve subscribed to at Xobni for a long time and that has only recently had a name. A Lean Startup is a startup with quickly iterating cycles of customer development and product development. Lean Startups stress product market fit before scaling and are characterized by a metrics driven culture and low cost experiments. I love this stuff. I can’t imagine building a company another way.

Today I spoke about Xobni’s lean startup tactics as part of the O’Reilly’s web 2.0 expo. The slides are below.

  • Michael Zipursky

    Matt, thanks for sharing this! Great slides … is there a video of you giving this presentation online anywhere?

  • Jason Lombard

    Thanks Matt for sharing your process. Some great points to ponder in there.

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  • Fred Palmer

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